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Privacy Policy

This policy contains details the information collected by us and how we use it. Some relate to your personal information together with other elements such as analytics data and UK legal requirements. This document exists to explain how we keep private information confidential. The policy also shows how you can request access to your information if required.

Policy Overview

Our management company administers this code of conduct on your behalf. If you do not agree with these contents or approach, then do not use this website or provide your personal details.

Administration and Collection of Your Personal Information

We only collect data proffered by you and store it offsite electronically. We do not purchase marketing B2B leads or data from other parties. This information is only used to provide a search of the marketplace.

We use a partner owned call centre team based in the Great Manchester area to call the telephone number you entered into the quote form. If we can not make contact, we may use the email address you provide to contact you.

We do not use your data for any other purposes unless you provide permission to do so.

The data collected could include (but not limited to) the following:

The intelligence captured from our online forms or telephone enquiries get securely stored offsite. You're responsible for keeping this current and up to date. To maintain your account, please use your username and password to enter the secure area of our site. We're not responsible for misuse of this account or liable for damages or losses if a third-party uses your account details.

You can request this data to be deleted from our databases at any time by writing to us using the address on our contact page.

We may also use this material to offer additional but related services to your organisation. We transact these services ourselves and not via a third party. By submitting your information to us, you provide your consent for using your data as described in the above circumstances.

Analytics & Cookie Policy

This website uses a commercially available software program to monitor visitors and usage. We use this data to improve the user interaction and the overall experience. The data is collected and analysed from time to time to enhance future customer interactions with our company.

Below are examples of the type of data that is collected using cookies. You can change your cookie settings within your browser options.

Cookies get added to your computer device to track additional visits and manage your online account. The data is not used to share your information or to influence any advertising programs.

Why Do We Collect This Data?

There are three main reasons why data is collected and stored for future use.

  1. To enable us to provide fast, high-quality services from accurate data.
  2. To inform you of other services that are developed by us from time to time.
  3. To enhance our website offerings to future customers.

UK Data Protection Act 1988 GDPR 2018

To help protect personal information, the UK Data Protection Act 1988 has certain provisions that we adhere to within the legislation. This regulation now incorporates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from May 2018.

You also have certain rights to check your history, request removal from our databases and update the details we maintain on your behalf.

To remove your data please use our contact form. We will process removal within 24 hours of receiving your request during office hours and send confirmation to your email address.

Compliance Settings

We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time. If you have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Department using the online contact form.

You may opt-out of future notifications by providing written notice to our compliance team.

The data controller will report back on your instructions within 24 hours.

If you have concerns, you can report these to the Information Commissioner's Office.