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Join the 150,000 residential households and businesses that reduce their energy bills each week. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Enter your Details

MPAN exampleEnter your MPAN number for an accurate quote. Your meter number always begins with the letter "S" with two rows of numbers similar to the picture shown.

You can find your number on your latest bill or your meter. Your postcode and contact details also allow your premises to be matched precisely to your meter details.

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Based on the meter profile you submit and indicative usage, you'll be presented with what's believed to be the ideal quote for your business. You're under no obligation to proceed with the suggestion made.

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If you're in agreement, then the switching process commences. You'll be required to approve your rates schedule either physically or electronically online. Your new contract begins the day after your current one expires.

If you're out of contract or on deemed rates, then this can commence immediately.

At no time during this process will your power supply be interrupted.