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Business Energy Switching FAQ

Answers to Your Quoting and Switching Queries

If you're reviewing your bills for the first time, or are a seasoned professional, you may have questions on how to switch electricity plans. Below are the ten most common questions we receive together with their answers.

If there's something not listed here, please contact us, and we'll answer them for you.

How do I Get a New Quote?

You can get a quote online or by telephoning our experienced team on 0800 690 6508. Please have the following information to hand: your name, location postcode, telephone number, email address and renewal end date. Once you have provided this, we'll provide the most favourable quote for all your sites.

How Do I Change to Another Supplier?

After you have chosen your new plan and electronically or physically signed the contract, we'll process all the paperwork on your behalf. The switching process is seamless and will result in no loss of supply. The changeover occurs once your current arrangement expires.

How Low are Your Prices?

Easily Switch Your Commercial Electricity ContractWe aim to provide you with a range of options that should be cheaper than anywhere else. You'll get tariffs ranging from one year to three years from all the different suppliers.

We also have access to exclusive plans not available anywhere else. Our mission is simply to find the cheapest prices for you to make a decision. VAT at 20% gets applied to your invoices at the prevailing rate.

What Does Your Service Cost?

There are no upfront fees, costs, levies or additional charges for using our services. We receive a commission payment from conversions to new agreements.

How do I Find my Meter Number?

The meter number of your premises is either located on your latest bill, your current contract or the meter itself. It will begin with 2 digits as follows : 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 or 08. If you can't find it call us and we'll find it for you. For multi-site operations, we'll combine all sites for a group buying opportunity.

Can I Get "Green" Tariffs?

Yes, we can provide you with competitive rates on electric tariffs that use part or 100% renewable energy sources.

Does my Business Qualify?

Every UK business with a relevant meter type can benefit from our services.

How Long Does it Take?

Our unique pricing system enables us to provide real live quotes in a matter of seconds. After you have selected and approved your new scheme, the changeover process begins. You can prepare up to 30 days in advance in some circumstances with the transition starting at the end of your current agreement.

Should I Terminate my Contract?

Yes, you should arrange to terminate your contract during the period outlined in your contract terms. If you fail to notify within the terms, then your contract will be rolled over for another identical term.

I have a Half Hourly Meter Can You Help?

We specialise in half hour or 00 meters for larger customers. You'll need to provide a letter of authorisation (LOA) to enable us to contact your current supplier and obtain your recent consumption data.

We'll tender your predicted consumption on the open market for a range of short and long-term plans. This process has a finite time limit with prices usually only valid for a 24 hour period.

Useful Switching Information

Change To a New Electricity Supplier Only a small proportion of UK businesses compare the energy market each year. We estimate over £1 billion is wasted purely because of inertia.

With the lowest wholesale prices for many years, you can lock in lower rates today for up to three years. Ask our experienced team about fixed term contracts and remove the risk of future inflation-busting price rises.