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Regardless of whether your business uses lots of energy or not, it is important that you get the best business electricity prices available to you. Many things can depend on this, such as what type of contract you wish to enter and where your business is located. To help you make the best choice, we recommended to use a commercial energy price comparison site such as ours. Such sites can quickly conduct a thorough review of the market and identify the very best deals that match your specific requirements.

Compare business electricity

If you are looking to compare business electricity tariffs, the easiest way is to use a specialist price comparison site. If you have never switched energy supplier or you have entered a new contract with your supplier without first negotiating a new deal, there is a high chance that you have been automatically placed on an expensive rollover contract. Comparing business electricity rates enables you to quickly see whether you are paying too much or not – and helps you calculate how much your business would be saving if you switched.

One of the biggest factors behind how much you will be paying for your energy is of course how big your actual business is. Therefore, because most businesses will have different energy requirements, it is important that you get a deal that fits your specific requirements. Such factors include whether you are on just one site or spread across multiple, as well as whether or not you have a high energy consumption rate.

Half-hourly meters

In the past, it was difficult to accurately measure your energy consumption. Not only did this make it difficult to know how much a bill would be each month, but it also caused problems regarding looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. This was because it was virtually impossible to measure how much energy a particular area was using. Half-hourly meters enable you to accurately measure your energy requirements – making them ideal for businesses that use a lot of energy. One of the biggest advantages of half-hourly meters is that they send your energy supplier business electricity updates every 30-minutes. This means your business is billed very accurately and you do not have to play a guessing game when it comes to your bills every month. With business electricity rates becoming more expensive, such money saving opportunities can make a big difference.

Lower business electricity bills

There are various ways you can reduce your business electricity rates. These include everything from switching energy suppliers to installing half-hourly meters that provide super-accurate readings. However, the biggest way to reduce your energy bills is of course to reduce your energy consumption. Smart Meters are a very effective method of doing this, as not only do they accurately measure how much energy you are using, but they also give you a breakdown of your energy habits. Smart Meters therefore enable you to see where your energy is going and consequently make any required changes to your habits from the introduction of energy-efficient light bulbs to power-saving office equipment, such as printers and copiers. Further energy saving tips include ensuring staff members always switch lights off at night, as well as making sure all non-essential equipment is switched off when not being used.

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