About Us

Our History

Our company was formed in 2004 and is one of the leading online comparison websites in the UK. Currently, we have over 1,672 customers based around the UK regions with customers savings of £809,248 on an annualised basis.

Along with our website, BusinessElectricity.co.uk takes a fresh and open approach to the energy market for UK businesses of all sizes.


Our mission is to provide all options available to local and national businesses to save as much money as possible in this commodity industry. We perform this in a number of ways working directly with your staff:

  • Negotiating directly with suppliers on your behalf to save time.
  • Reducing unit costs from utilising our extensive buying power.
  • Ensuring your contracts are not rolled over.
  • Assistance in moving to preferred tariffs.

Our extensive central database holds tariff matrices to enable us to perform instantaneous calculations between the energy providers to match your current needs.

Taking a Weight off Your Mind

Entering your data into our online calculator is designed to make everyone’s life a little easier. By entering your data, you agree to our terms and conditions. Once entered we’ll provide you with various options for your consideration.

We earn a small commission for every referral we introduce to your ultimate supply company, and this does not influence your results in any manner. We abide by current Ofgem rules and regulations, including voluntary codes of practice to ensure fair play.

Contact The Team

Our contact page contains full details, but you can also use the following contact methods:


Based just outside of Birmingham, we have a local presence for most UK businesses either through account management or our online services. You can visit our offices or arrange an appointment for us to come to your premises.


1,672 customers use the BusinessElectricity.co.uk services located around the UK in the main cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. We mainly cater for SMEs operating small restaurants, newsagents, hair salons, small supermarkets and takeaways.

These cost-effective solutions also benefit larger customers.

The key accounts team manages high volume consumption organisations such as charities, printers, national high street chains and farms.

Our Team

The company has a management team with a small in-house customer services department. Our staff are all seasoned professionals in this constantly changing environment. They are passionate about customer care and understanding your unique requirements. Our key members of staff contact details are as follows:

Expertise for You

We only specialise in utilities for commercial premises with outstanding levels of customer service.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager to outsource or create solutions that are right for your business.

Call our team on 0800 140 4672, use our contact form or complete the calculator to begin the process and learn more.