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Welcome to Business Electricity UK

Welcome to Business Electricity, the UK’s leading online solution to lowering the cost of the electricity your commercial premises use each year. Just enter your address and meter reading details from a recent electric bill into the quote form, and you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of market prices.

Your Business Electricity results page includes details of the unit cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) together with any mandatory standing charges. From there you can decide if you wish to fix your tariff for one, two or three years.

Our Business Electricity site helps reduce your electric bills with tips to select the right tariff plan and making your business more energy efficient.

Electricity Prices For Businesses

Supplier Name Price/ kWh Daily Charge
Bulb 12.05p 27.40p
SSE 14.18p 23.17p
British Gas 14.26p 26.51p
ScottishPower 14.26p 26.51p
Npower 14.40p 23.54p
Opus 14.92p 25.00p
EDF 15.53p 25.00p
EON 15.93p 27.00p
Yu Energy 16.10p 27.10p

The tariff prices quoted are correct as at 27th August 2019 and are subject to change at any time. The prices shown are average unit prices per kWh and daily standing charges for micro, small and medium-sized UK-based businesses. Your price will depend on your regional location, meter type, consumption and length of contract. All prices are in pence (p) and exclude VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Why save on your energy costs?

Your business gets powered by the hard work of its staff and its energy supply. As invaluable as these both are, paying more than the lowest rate will hit your margins hard. But while we can’t do anything about your wage bill, we can make sure you’re on the best business electricity rates available.

Compare online commercial energy deals

With energy prices continually changing, it’s essential to ensure you and your business are getting the best possible rates. It is therefore important to ensure you compare prices regularly. The trouble is, in order to make sure you’re on the best business electricity rates, you’ll need to ring around each supplier and get a quote from each.

Or you can streamline the process and run a comparison with us. We just need a few details about your business and its energy use. We’ll then compare what’s on offer from a full range of trusted suppliers to find a deal that suits the needs and budget of your business.

We can then help you switch contracts either with your existing or a new supplier. We take care of everything from notifying your current supplier of your intention to switch providers to sorting your contract. Our business electricity comparison is not just about getting the best possible rates. We’ll help make sure you consider other factors that can make your life easier, including customer service and online bill payments.

Because comparing business electricity online is much more complicated than comparing domestic energy, there are various additional steps you must take. These include a credit check and a decision regarding the length of the contract. Because of such factors, businesses will need to speak to a consultant over the phone rather than online.

Get the best business electricity rates

Before you run a commercial electricity comparison, it helps if you know a little more about how your bills work. Your electric bill offers a breakdown of costs, including those that aren’t up for negotiation like VAT and any government imposed levies. The costs that can be changed are the ones you need to pay attention to, and they are:

  • Standing charge – A set daily fee that your business will pay no matter how much electricity it uses.
  • Unit cost – Measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), this is the amount you pay for the energy you use. When you fix your business electricity prices, this rate doesn’t change, but your bills will fluctuate depending upon how much energy you use.

Commercial electricity tariffs very rarely reduce in price, so it’s good practice to fix your rate for as long as possible. It’s therefore essential to get the best-priced deal because tying yourself into an expensive contract could see you unnecessarily overspending on energy for the next few years.

Our business energy experts can help you find the best deal for your business, at the best price – give us a call now on 0800 140 4672

About us

The team at Business Electricity started operations in 2007 as a small energy supplier for small and medium-sized UK businesses. We continued to expand and develop our offer and now serve all types of companies in all industries, including the public sector. As we progress into 2020, our services continue to develop into additional areas.