Information for Half Hourly Metered Customers

Specialist Pricing for Large Users of Electricity

If you're one of the many thousands of businesses that have large electricity consumption, then reducing your unit tariff rates requires specialist help.

Only a handful of UK energy brokers has the types of relationships with the market providers that'll enable you to get lower prices before your contract expires.

Competitive Market Options

We have a team of professional energy experts who'll ensure you're on the most competitive tariff available for your circumstances.

We also operate a group basket pricing option where we cluster several businesses together to leverage buying power.

The entire group benefits from reductions in prices by an average of 10%. If a group buying option is of interest, then speak to one of our professionals today.

The Tendering Process

Currently, it's a manual process that involves working with your consumption data and tendering to the main energy companies in the UK. We undertake all of this work on your behalf, and our service is free. We can usually switch your tariff to the new pricing within a few days depending on when your contract expires.

The process works as follows:

It's best not to leave this process of procuring prices until the last minute due to time constraints. In rare cases, we switched customers and saved them 60% within three days of initial contact.

What is a Half Hourly Meter?

The Traditional Meter

The majority of businesses in the UK have a standard meter much like a residential household. These are read manually, either by the power companies or the customer and entered into the appropriate billing systems.

These meters have their first two digits in the range of 01 to 08. Low consumption users will usually have their serial number starting with 03 or 04. Larger customers, also known as "max demand", have numbers starting with 05 through to 08.

The HH Meter

Example half hour meter numberLarger businesses, such as manufacturers or printers, have a meter starting with the numbers 00.

These meters transmit readings automatically every 30 minutes back to the power companies for billing and analysis. For further information on half hourly meters, check out this useful guide to half hourly electricity and lowering the price of your energy.

Data Analysis, Intelligence and Control

In addition to the power companies utilising your live data, you can also get access to this information to help manage costs.

Integrating this data into an energy management system helps pinpoint where savings are available.

We offer all high demand businesses software to enable them to automatically analyse their data and run various reports. The system aids management to save money on consumption as well as unit pricing. Contact us today to learn more about our management solutions.

Impartial Advice

Our philosophy is to offer impartial help and advice. We favour no power company over another and all we do is save businesses money. Why is our service free of charge? We charge no fees because we receive a small commission from the provider for each switch.

Commission payments won't influence your pricing as we present completely transparent tariffs. It's then your choice on who you use.

Advanced Services

In addition to procurement we also offer helpful advice and experience in the following areas:

The majority of these additional services are provided at no cost when our company manages your standard procurement process.

Tender and Renew Your Contract Today

Call our team on 0800 690 6508 or enter your data on our online quote form, and we'll procure pricing information for you.

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Our 3 Point Promise

1: Select from a range of leading market intelligence options from the "Big Six" and other independent operators.

2: Obtain free management systems to monitor and control performance amongst your sites.

3: 100% total transparency and a dedicated account manager throughout the entire process.