Energy Broker Solutions

Utilise Market Leading Procurement Services

If you run a multi-site operation, require advanced energy management systems or simply want to outsource your procurement then our experienced broker team can help you.

When you appoint us as your representative, you'll benefit from a vast array of industry knowledge and expertise. We'll help reduce your consumption and unit costs culminating in lower annual bills.

What Services are Available?

A professional intermediary will save you time and money in partnership with your company. We offer the whole broker channel service to ensure your contract is not rolled over while helping reduce energy consumption.

Here's what we can offer all sizes of UK business users:

Energy Procurement

Procurement ServicesWe'll manage the entire tendering, negotiation, purchasing and contractual processes to deliver a strategy to maximise your budgets. We'll utilise our exclusive supplier relationships to reduce costs, reduce monetary deposits and optimise meter installations.

From the start to finish, our dedicated team of experts delivers buying results expected in a competitive economic environment.

Energy Management Systems

Management SystemsUsing our state of the art desktop monitoring systems, you'll be able to track consumption for your entire organisation. It allows you to produce bespoke reports, verify invoices, view live data and engage staff so that energy consumption is reduced.

The customised architecture allows for seamless integration with your current systems no matter what platform you're currently using.

Market Intelligence Trends

Market IntelligenceWe can integrate your EMS with weather forecasting data, wholesale pricing fluctuations, demand forecasts and further analysis to provide optimum performance of your operation. This additional flexibility could deliver substantial savings while offering flexible budgeting capabilities.

The standard application contains comprehensive specifications from some of the largest corporates in the UK.

Auditing and Risk Management

Auditing ToolsArranging a comprehensive audit comprising of usage, procurement, meter installation, invoicing and management could highlight additional opportunities to reduce costs. Utilising our vast industry knowledge with our expert systems design helps deliver an efficient process.

Take advantage of free auditing services for businesses using over 235,000 kWh per year.

Automated Invoicing Reconciliation

Filing systemSaying "Goodbye to Estimate Bills" only occurs if invoices are 100% accurate. Our EMS incorporates invoice management to check that both consumption data and unit prices are correct. All half hourly metered customers adopting our EMS tool suite have this fully automated process included.

This operation is also available for the manual reconciliation of prior year's data.

How Does a Broker Work?

All brokers receive sales commissions payments directly from the energy companies. They earn a small percentage of your invoiced usage based on your tariffs. The margins are small and present the ability for true transparent pricing. Any rate quotes you receive already include commission payments.

Please note: our free services are available to businesses using over 235,000 kWh per year using our procurement services.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Procurement

Going direct could allow you to receive similar rates to ourselves with all other services mentioned above being chargeable.


In addition to helping improve energy efficiency programmes, we also provide the following proactive account management services.


The disadvantages of administering this yourself are as follows:

The management of the entire process can be a headache that a broker can relieve from using their specialist knowledge and partnerships.

More Information

To enquire about our software, procurement or switching services, please telephone us free on 0800 690 6508 or complete our online contact form.

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The full range of applications is available for all types of businesses.

They'll not only provide productivity enhancements but help with efficiency gains, data collection and analysis.

With no standard setup costs, we'll coordinate all your sites into one easy to manage system for your entire organisation.